Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Life with two children: Sleepy changes again

Sophia is still sleeping through the night mostly (although she woke up twice last night with nightmares this is unusual). Generally about 9:30pm to 8:30am. This will have to change when she goes back to nursery, and she gets up at 7:30.

However, something else has clicked in her head and she hasn't had a lunchtime nap in a week now. She just complains loudly that "Not Sleepy!" until I take her downstairs.

Which she is surviving (sometimes better than me, I occasionally have microsleeps while looking after her, although not as much since she started sleeping through the night), but gets progressively drunker throughout the afternoon, until by 6:30 she's wobbly and has no concentration. But won't actually sleep until 9:30 even if we take her up then.

We've tried exercise (two hours of walking this morning, up a hill in the wind and rain) and it makes no difference. No idea if this will be a blip, or if my days of getting tidying done while she sleeps are over forever.

Of course, she's back to nursery in seventeen days, and I'm back to work at the end of the month, so that will probably bring new changes again.

Gideon, meanwhile, mostly wakes up three times a night, which sounds bad, but is much better than she was at his age. The nights he wakes up ravenous eight times a night are much much worse, but also less frequent. He's coming along nicely, is very smiley and delighted to see us and play with us, and is getting better at moving about, although he can't actually crawl yet, so he has to find things to push off of. He and Sophia are delighted with each other, and she insists on having him on top of her, and play-fighting with him (and then declaring it loudly so Jane can get mock upset and tell them both to stop in a delightfully theatrical fashion).
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