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Interesting Links for 05-02-2021

The "Brain in a jar" approach to transgender theory
(tags:lgbt transgender gender psychology )
Ministers refusing to open talks to solve Brexit exports crisis to make EU feel 'pain', industry leader says
(tags:UK Europe trade OhForFucksSake )
The neo-Troubles and media manipulation (what's going on with Northern Ireland right now)
(tags:UK Europe trade NorthernIreland Ireland borders )
Joanna Cherry and other Alex Salmond supporters are waging civil war within SNP at precisely the wrong time
(tags:snp bigotry LGBT politics Scotland )
Why the UK is still arguing about Brexit, and is likely to continue doing so indefinitely
(tags:UK Europe NorthernIreland borders trade video )
Google doesn't want to tell Apple users how it's violating their privacy
(tags:Apple Google privacy )
Egg consumption lowers risk of coronary artery disease.
(tags:eggs heart health )
Things British people do that baffle people
(tags:UK weird )
Animation shows week in life of blue whale as it tries to avoid fishing ship congestion
(tags:wales ocean visualisation video ship )
How will the global computer chip shortage affect you?
(tags:cpu manufacturing fail )
Brian Bolland on Alan Moore and the Killing Joke
(tags:art comics alanmoore history batman )
Oumuamua: Avi Loeb says it's aliens. Every other astronomer disagrees. Here's why.
(tags:space astronomy aliens )
Who fancies some Victorian superhero women (a trailer for "The Nevers")
(tags:tv women trailer superheroes victorian )
Nevada bill would allow tech companies to create governments
(tags:USA business government )
"Not enough dead people" say Conservatives
(tags:UK pandemic conservatives OhForFucksSake )
There's been an alarming number of infections among care home residents who have received only one dose of the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine.
(tags:vaccination UK Doom pandemic )

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Tags: alanmoore, aliens, apple, art, astronomy, batman, bigotry, borders, business, comics, conservatives, cpu, doom, eggs, europe, fail, gender, google, government, health, heart, history, ireland, lgbt, links, manufacturing, northernireland, ocean, ohforfuckssake, pandemic, politics, privacy, psychology, scotland, ship, snp, space, superheroes, trade, trailer, transgender, tv, uk, usa, vaccination, victorian, video, visualisation, wales, weird, women

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