Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
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Interesting Links for 03-02-2021

Typewriter as musical instrument
(tags:music funny video )
How Lord of the Rings characters would react to you coming out as trans
(tags:lotr funny transgender lgbt )
Would anyone like to look after my children for a month so I can play Mass Effect: Legendary Edition?
Overview of changes here:
(tags:games video trailer MassEffect )
Scalpers aren't the main reason you can't find a new console
(tags:economics consoles )
DUP aims to undermine Northern Ireland Protocol
(tags:UK NorthernIreland dup )
Students Enjoy Classes More And Get Better Grades If They Feel Their Professor Has Faith In Their Ability To Change And Improve
(tags:education psychology learning )
I found it! The stupidest plan for what Labour should do next
(tags:labour politics WTF OhForFucksSake nationalism )
Covid in Scotland: How much longer will lockdown last?
(tags:pandemic Scotland )
Why food sticks to center of nonstick pans
(tags:food cooking physics heat )
Fifteen-Hour Brexit Wait Prompts Freight Firms to Avoid U.K.
(tags:UK Europe trade Doom )
No, Ireland is not economically United
(tags:Ireland trade UK Europe )
Modding the Bernie Sanders Meme into a bunch of games
(tags:meme games video )

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