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Interesting Links for 01-02-2021

Black Bart - The Buried TV Sequel to Blazing Saddles
(tags:TV movies racism comedy weird contracts cowboy )
Drone flight captures Norfolk starlings murmuration
(tags:birds drone video )
Nadhim Zahawi and Tory MPs attack Yorkshire Post - over a totally accurate story
(tags:government UK media OhForFucksSake )
Home Office put refugees in camps so they didn't look weak
(tags:immigration OhForFucksSake asylum UK refugee )
Transphobes target Scottish Government HQ and Bute House
(tags:lgbt transgender Scotland )
How to identify which European language you're reading
(tags:language Europe visualisation flowchart )
Here's the Nordic model making life awful for sex workers in Canada
(tags:Canada sexwork OhForFucksSake )
Brexit: How much disruption has there been so far?
(tags:UK Europe trade Doom )
Silver surges as Reddit army turns to commodities
(tags:metal trade investment Reddit wtf )
Covid in Scotland: Vaccinations move to next category (over 70s)
(tags:Scotland vaccination pandemic )
Spotify patent would suggest songs based on users' emotions
(tags:music spotify emotions )
The seamstress who conserves brutality
(tags:genocide materials clothing history museums )
Men: Do not hold a grudge for decades and use it to kill people in TV shows called Jessica
(tags:names death TV OhForFucksSake )
I wish I'd had a teacher this awesome
(tags:teachers teaching awesome )
A list of landlords who are in elected positions in the UK.
(tags:property politics UK housing )
Coronavirus: Up to one fifth of staff in some care home groups refusing vaccine
(tags:pandemic vaccination OhForFucksSake UK )
The Apple app store has a scam problem
(tags:Apple scam fraud apps )
What is transphobia? (mostly so I can find this again later)
(tags:lgbt transgender bigotry )
Three-dimensional model of electricity consumption in Manchester
(tags:3d visualisation Manchester electricity history )
Normal life will not return 'until 2024' if virus does not disappear globally
(tags:pandemic )
Rescued Ben Nevis climbers fined
(tags:mountains Scotland pandemic )

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Tags: 3d, apple, apps, asylum, awesome, bigotry, birds, canada, clothing, comedy, contracts, cowboy, death, doom, drone, electricity, emotions, europe, flowchart, fraud, genocide, government, history, housing, immigration, investment, language, lgbt, links, manchester, materials, media, metal, mountains, movies, museums, music, names, ohforfuckssake, pandemic, politics, property, racism, reddit, refugee, scam, scotland, sexwork, spotify, teachers, teaching, trade, transgender, tv, uk, vaccination, video, visualisation, weird, wtf

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