Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 30-01-2021

Why traveling on HS2 won't be ludicrously expensive
(tags:HS2 transport UK economics )
It's the wombat's strange intestines, not its anus, that produces cubed poo
(tags:poo faeces animals cube )
Trans LGBT Labour co-chair resigns citing transphobia
(tags:labour LGBT transgender )
Texas DPS Accidentally Issues Amber Alert Featuring 'Chucky' Doll
(tags:horror funny mistake Texas USA )
Working class British people discuss what felt posh to them, even if it really wasn't
(tags:inequality UK )
Louisiana cemetery declines to bury black deputy sheriff due to 'whites only' policy
(tags:racism USA death )

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Tags: animals, cube, death, economics, faeces, funny, horror, hs2, inequality, labour, lgbt, links, mistake, poo, racism, texas, transgender, transport, uk, usa

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