Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 20-01-2021

How one musician took on the world's biggest TV network over copyright—and won
(tags:music TV copyright China YouTube )
The Hong Kong migrants fleeing to start new lives in the UK (70% of Hong Kong to get UK visas)
(tags:HongKong immigration UK GoodNews China )
Tories see off revolt over anti-genocide trade deal law
(tags:genocide conservatives trade OhForFucksSake )
How The Bible was made
(tags:history Bible Christianity funny )
How The Avengers would react to the Capitol riot
(tags:riots USA marvel funny viaPatrickHadfield )
Real-world analysis of vaccine in Israel raises questions about UK strategy (33% effectiveness at 2 weeks)
(tags:vaccine Israel pandemic Doom )
New legislation protects Scottish shop staff from customer abuse
(tags:Scotland shops abuse law )
Trump administration finalizes Arctic refuge drilling leases on his last day in office
(tags:USA Arctic OhForFucksSake )
Tory MPs rip out NHS protections from trade bill
(tags:conservatives NHS trade )
Did you know the US President could offer secret pardons?
(tags:USA law wtf )
Covid in Scotland: Phased return 'likely' for Scottish schools
(tags:schools pandemic children Scotland )

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Tags: abuse, arctic, bible, children, china, christianity, conservatives, copyright, doom, funny, genocide, goodnews, history, hongkong, immigration, israel, law, links, marvel, music, nhs, ohforfuckssake, pandemic, riots, schools, scotland, shops, trade, tv, uk, usa, vaccine, viapatrickhadfield, wtf, youtube

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