Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Life with two children: Sleepy changes

Since moving to her own bed four months ago Sophia has woken up two to three times a night, and shouted for us every time, so I've gone through and read her back to sleep (usually took about thirty seconds of reading).

She was perfectly physically capable of wandering through to our room, but for whatever reason never did, even if it was light outside. She always seemed too scared of coming in, despite being happy enough to do so during the day.

Until the last two days, when she's slept all the way through the night, woken up at 8am, and come straight through to see us (I've tried to intercept her, so that Jane can get some more sleep to recover from her Gideon-interrupted night)

And, of course, she can't explain to us why this has changed, or if it is a temporary change or the new normal.

The latest announcement from the government means that nurseries are staying closed at least until the middle of February. Sensible, even if it means that we are entirely child-centric at the moment. Still, we've gotten into a nice routine - long walk in the morning to wear Sophia out, home for lunch, she has a nap afterwards, followed by playing inside for a couple of hours, dinner, then playing upstairs (lots of creative play, Big Bad Wolf Vs Red Riding Hood, Big Bad Wolf Vs Three Little Pigs, and Billy Goats Gruff Vs Troll, and we both have to take both sides), then read to sleep. It certainly keeps us busy, and she seems happy overall.

Gideon, meanwhile is waking three-four times a night, feeding, and going back over. Our tiny giant is hungry a lot. But he's now able to turn in circles, grab things (particularly Jim, who doesn't seem to mind fistfuls of his fur being grabbed), control his balance much better (can't sit up entirely by himself but is clearly getting there) and is almost able to roll entirely over. His favourite thing is to stand up, which obviously requires a lot of support, but absolutely delights him.
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