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Interesting Links for 16-01-2021

Everything We Know Now About Schools, Kids, and Covid-19
(tags:pandemic school children )
US grid will see 80 percent of its new capacity go emission-free in 2021
(tags:renewables electricity USA GoodNews )
Something to remember when you're working with difficult people
(tags:organisation comic management )
This painted pig is the world's oldest known figurative art
(tags:art prehistory )
The ACLU just released an app to record police "encounters"
(tags:police video transparentsociety USA violence )
How A-Ha were critical to the development of electric car incentives in Norway
(tags:Norway electricity cars history viaPatrickHadfield )
There is no US COVID vaccine reserve. Trump admin already shipped it
(tags:USA vaccine pandemic wtf )
What can ancient Greece tell us about how to deal with America's attempted coup?
(tags:coup USA Greece history viaDanielDWilliam )
UK snow: Polar bears enjoy Yorkshire's wintry weather
(tags:UK bears video )
Macaulay Culkin backs calls for Donald Trump to be cut from Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
(tags:movies coup USA )

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