Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 12-01-2021

People Without Covid Are Being Treated On The Same Wards As Infected Patients Because Hospitals Are Overwhelmed
(tags:hospital UK NHS Doom )
'Welcome to the Brexit, sir': Drivers have sandwiches confiscated at Dutch border
(tags:UK Europe food trade )
Liberals and Conservatives Read Totally Different Books About Science
(tags:books politics science )
How disinformation reaches millions of people
(tags:Twitter lies disinformation )
Ban non-mask wearers, health secretary tells supermarkets
(tags:pandemic shopping UK )
'No show' Glasgow councillor forced from office
(tags:politics Scotland Glasgow )
Did Man at Capitol Riot Die After Accidentally Tasing Himself In The Testicles?
(tags:tasers coup facts penis )
QAnon Has Woken Up the Real Deep State
(tags:law politics terrorism coup usa )
Which of these bedrooms do you like best?
(tags:design beds )
Deutsche Bank will not do future business with Trump
(tags:Banking coup USA politics )
How far is "local"?
(tags:pandemic rules )
Scotland considering crackdown on takeaways and non-essential construction
(tags:Scotland food construction pandemic )

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Tags: banking, beds, books, construction, coup, design, disinformation, doom, europe, facts, food, glasgow, hospital, law, lies, links, nhs, pandemic, penis, politics, rules, science, scotland, shopping, tasers, terrorism, trade, twitter, uk, usa

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