Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 04-01-2021

British urgently want the blood of Irish people (excellent headline from 2014)
(tags:blood Ireland NHS UK headline )
Here's a really simple way to be better than tin-opener dad
(tags:children parenting teaching )
Self-reliance isn't a starting point, it's a distant goal
(tags:parenting learning children )
South Korea's 'Artificial Sun' fusion reactor burns hotter than star for longer than ever before
(tags:nuclearpower Korea )
The real origin of the European Union 'supranationalist' state - and why it still matters
(tags:Europe history )
Tom Stoppard and the Last Crusade (which he basically wrote)
(tags:indianajones writing )
Disney+: Lost and 24 among shows coming to new Star channel on streaming service (along with all 23 Die Hard movies)
(tags:Disney TV streaming )

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Tags: blood, children, disney, europe, headline, history, indianajones, ireland, korea, learning, links, nhs, nuclearpower, parenting, streaming, teaching, tv, uk, writing

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