Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 23-12-2020

Boris Johnson overrules official advice and puts cash-for-access ex-Tory treasurer (who gave £2.5m) in the House of Lords
(tags:corruption politics UK houseoflords )
Majority of voters believe government's coronavirus contract awards to Tory friends are corrupt
(tags:corruption pandemic conservatives )
Where UK/EU negotiations currently stand
(tags:UK Europe trade Doom )
Tesco limits purchases of toilet roll, eggs, rice, soap and handwash
(tags:shopping UK Europe pandemic Doom )
Rearranging Everyday Objects into Visually Satisfying Compositions
(tags:beautiful )
Japan introduces double-blind shipping
(tags:shipping Japan )
Why aren't Labour able to overtake the Conservatives?
(tags:politics UK labour conservatives society )
Is Love Actually the worst film of all time? If you know of a worse one then... please don't tell me.
(tags:movies awful romance )
Megan Rapinoe, Billie Jean King & 174 female athletes sign brief supporting trans women in sports
(tags:lgbt transgender sports )

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Tags: awful, beautiful, conservatives, corruption, doom, europe, houseoflords, japan, labour, lgbt, links, movies, pandemic, politics, romance, shipping, shopping, society, sports, trade, transgender, uk

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