Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 05-12-2020

How Coronavirus Attitudes Fit into Britain's Ideological Landscape
(tags:Pandemic politics UK society viaPatrickHadfield )
Arecibo Observatory collapse video
(tags:video astronomy fail )
Sex workers attack Scottish government for 'harmful moralistic view' towards prostitution
(tags:law prostitution sexwork scotland )
Innovation is awesome, Innovation-speak is not - A Modest Proposal for Building the Future
(tags:innovation thefuture society )
The world's first lab-grown chicken burger costs $35 to make and tastes like chicken
(tags:chicken food )
Indoor dining study shows it's really not safe - amongst other insights
(tags:restaurant research air pandemic )
Your yearly reminder: Do not give to the Salvation Army
(tags:charity fraud religion )
Here's what happens when a bee stings you directly in your eyeball
(tags:eyes bees aieeee! )

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Tags: aieeee!, air, astronomy, bees, charity, chicken, eyes, fail, food, fraud, innovation, law, links, pandemic, politics, prostitution, religion, research, restaurant, scotland, sexwork, society, thefuture, uk, viapatrickhadfield, video

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