Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Life with two kids: Terror on the ice

This morning was Gideon's vaccinations, at 9:20. So the original plan had been that we'd go together, dropping off Sophia at nursery along the way - there only being a 10 minute walk between them. But then Jane was awake between 1 and 3am this morning with a piercing headache and vomiting, so I was awake keeping her company, and so she was in no state to go out this morning. I said, no problem, I'll take them both - I'd never been out with the two of them by myself, but how hard could it be?

And then it snowed. Except it was more like slush, that then froze, turning our driveway into a black-ice-covered slide, at a 30 degree angle. And just getting the three of us down to the road without any of us falling over was an exercise in terror. At one point Sophia said "Daddy, I scared." and I replied "Me too", and then found us the safest route down to the road I could. Once we were in the middle of our road, walking where the car tracks had melted the ice, it was okay, and we managed to get there okay. Except that the bus was 5 minutes late (understandably) and then Sophia was being slightly difficult on the bus - nothing awful, but enough to distract me at a crucial moment, so we missed our stop and had to backtrack to the nursery.

All of which meant we arrived at the health centre about 5 minutes late. Thankfully, they didn't care, and Gideon was remarkably well behaved (literally cried for less than 5 seconds after each of his injections), and I made it home again in one piece.

And then the health visitor was half an hour late for Gideon's three month checkup, so I phoned and it turned out they'd lost the appointment, but they were free, so they popped round and measured him (70th percentile weight, 80th percentile height/length and 98th percentile head size. He's going to fall over a lot if he's not careful).

The rest of the day was spent relaxing as hard as possible, to make up for all of that!
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