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Interesting Links for 01-12-2020

How about, rather than having a camera down your throat you swallow a camera?
(tags:camera healthcare )
Banning high stakes fixed-odds betting terminals meant people gambled £700m less - and without the huge job losses predicted
(tags:gambling UK )
Scottish homes to be first in world to use 100% green hydrogen (to replace gas in boilers and cookers)
(tags:hydrogen heating cooking Scotland )
What You Can Learn From Hunter-Gatherers' Sleeping Patterns (it's not what you think)
(tags:sleep humans )
Every NHS and social care worker in Scotland to receive £500 'thank you'. (And £100 for every family with a child getting free school meals)
(tags:Scotland NHS money )
The UK's farmers face upheaval, but a reform to subsidies is needed
(tags:UK farming subsidies reform )
Nearly 250 million workers strike in India
(tags:India strike rights )
Great, the transphobes and the antisemites are in cahoots
(tags:WTF bigotry LGBT transgender Jews conspiracy )
"How I Made a Self-Quoting Tweet"
(tags:Twitter recursion )
The inspiration for the scotch egg looks pretty delicious
(tags:food )
Google's AI handles protein folding, a previously unsolvable problems
(tags:AI protein impressive )
DeepMind's superhuman intelligence - what does it say about the future of AI?
(tags:AI protein thefuture )
UK supermarkets won't deliver to under 18s. Students who are isolating are told to order online. I see a problem...
(tags:shopping UK pandemic students age )
Some of these Nativity scenes are a bit... unorthodox
(tags:Christmas funny )

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