Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 23-11-2020

Germany agrees 'historic' mandatory boardroom quota for women
(tags:women Germany business )
Covid-19: Christmas get-together plan backed by all the UK nations
(tags:UK pandemic Christmas )
COVID-19: Oxford vaccine is up to 90% effective in preventing coronavirus
(tags:Pandemic vaccine Oxford GoodNews )
Channel 4 presenters/talent read real complaints
(tags:tv complaints channel4 video funny )
The terrible truth about Manatees
(tags:comics funny pirates )
So, how rational *are* you?
(tags:rationality comic funny )
How the tiny town of Eyam saved thousands of people from the plaque and helped conquer AIDS
(tags:aids history disease )
The real reason why many people still support Donald Trump
(tags:politics USA )
The Battle of Britain - filmed in stop motion at 1:72
(tags:history stopmotion animation wwii video )

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Tags: aids, animation, business, channel4, christmas, comic, comics, complaints, disease, funny, germany, goodnews, history, links, oxford, pandemic, pirates, politics, rationality, stopmotion, tv, uk, usa, vaccine, video, women, wwii

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