Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 18-11-2020

Glasgow among areas placed into Scotland's toughest Level 4 coronavirus restrictions
(tags:Glasgow pandemic Scotland )
By the way, Donald Trump could still launch nuclear weapons at any time
(tags:USA nuclearweapons )
What is devolution and how does it work across the UK?
(tags:UK devolution Scotland Wales NorthernIreland )
Trans Educational Resources
(tags:LGBT transgender )
It's Been Exactly One Year Since the First Case of COVID Was Found in China
(tags:China pandemic time )
Shazam reveals most searched-for songs of all time
(tags:music )
David Cameron's austerity policies to blame for recession in UK, says Barack Obama
(tags:UK austerity recession davidcameron barackobama )
A fascinating discussion about how LGBT history, culture, and language has changed, and how it continues to do so
(tags:LGBT language transgender history )
Comparing the polls and predictive markets for the US election
(tags:polls predictions USA elections )
WAP/Devil Went Down To Georgia is a work of genius
(tags:music remix funny )
"Our plan for a moderate Labour party"
(tags:labour politics UK )
Dog! Plays! With! Balloon!
(tags:dogs video balloon )

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