Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 16-11-2020

Damage to multiple organs recorded in 'long Covid' cases
(tags:pandemic organs doom )
Why we need to stop talking about a written constitution for the UK
(tags:constitution UK )
Thanksgiving 2020 will be an unprecedented mass murderer event with fascinating statistics
(tags:Epidemiology pandemic death )
But what has Dominic Cummings ever done for us?
(tags:politics government lists UK OhForFucksSake incompetence )
Stupid Coca-Cola Christmas commercial, making me cry
(tags:Christmas advert video cocacola )
RCEP: Asia-Pacific countries form the world's largest trading bloc
(tags:trade China Japan Australia Korea Vietnam )
Covid vaccine: Major new trial starts in UK
(tags:vaccine pandemic )
Brexit is going to destroy the fishing industry. Because of course it is.
(tags:UK Europe fish Doom trade )
Rents in British cities fall by 5% amid Covid 'exodus' (country rents up same amount)
(tags:rent UK cities pandemic )
Covid: Tayside and Fife vaccine trial needs more volunteers
(tags:pandemic virus research Scotland )

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