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Interesting Links for 13-11-2020

There's Something Super Weird About Netflix Anime
(tags:Netflix anime )
How did "Defund the police" stop meaning "Defund the police"? - Why mainstream progressives have a strong incentive to 'sanewash' hard leftist positions.
(tags:police politics USA )
Alcohol ban introduced on Scotland's railway
(tags:Scotland railways alcohol )
Mapping the connections between Tory politicians and companies being awarded government contracts during the pandemic
(tags:conservatives corruption visualisation )
Not Too Scary, Not Too Tame: Horror Experiences Need To Hit A "Sweet Spot" To Be Enjoyable
(tags:fear fun horror scary psychology )
Louisville Metro Police concealed at least 738,000 records documenting the sexual abuse of Explorer Scouts by two officers — then lied to keep the files from the public
(tags:police abuse USA OhForFucksSake )
Government refuses to guarantee COVID vaccine supplies won't be impacted by 'Brexit disruption'
(tags:UK pandemic vaccine Europe Doom )
New invention helps people sober up by exhaling alcohol
(tags:alcohol )

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