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Interesting Links for 08-11-2020

Clearly the best version of Tetris
(tags:tetris cute video )
Evidence that hobbits didn't have daylight saving time
(tags:lotr time )
America Is (Still) a Conservative Country
(tags:politics usa )
Voters rejecting the war on drugs is a win for public health
(tags:drugs USA legalisation GoodNews )
Boris Johnson is ready to address Joe Biden's concerns over Irish border as Government reaches out
(tags:UK Europe trade )
South Ayrshire Golf club owner loses 2020 presidential election
(tags:politics funny Scotland headline )
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition brings back the sci-fi trilogy next year
(tags:games remake MassEffect )
Wolves win vote for reintroduction in Colorado
(tags:wolves USA )
I think Boris Johnson might be in trouble...
(tags:UK Europe Ireland NorthernIreland USA trade video funny )
Government Buys PPE Made by Uyghur Muslims in Chinese Forced Labour Programmes
(tags:China UK OhForFucksSake pandemic )
Brexit: Liz Truss secures tariff wins with her Japan trade deal - for products the UK doesn't export (and 83% of gains will go to Japan)
(tags:trade UK Japan OhForFucksSake )
Last year Florida gutted a law which would have given an extra million voters to the Democrats
(tags:florida law voting crime OhForFucksSake )
Biden and Harris do not like Boris Johnson
(tags:GoodNews USA UK politics )
Boris Johnson under pressure to avoid no-deal Brexit after Biden victory (and some details about how the negotiations are going)
(tags:UK Europe USA trade )
Kamala Harris's Record on Trans Rights Isn't "Mixed".
(tags:USA transgender lgbt rights politics )
Decorators Review Farrow and Ball Emulsion
(tags:painting review viaDalglir )

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