Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 07-11-2020

PlayStation 5 review (looks like I'll be waiting a couple of years)
(tags:PlayStation consoles review )
UK COVID-19 Map (click the button under the zoom to see which areas are getting worse/better)
(tags:pandemic UK map )
The weird genomes of the goldfish
(tags:fish genetics )
Special Counsel Confirms Hatch Act Investigation of Trump Campaign
(tags:law USA politics )
John Finnemore has just solved "the world's most difficult literary puzzle."
(tags:puzzle books )
We're no longer allowed to beat either of our children.
(tags:children abuse law Scotland )
BBC correspondent: 'Long Covid has left me exhausted for seven months'
(tags:virus BBC Doom )
30-50% of prehistoric hunters in the Americas were female
(tags:prehistory gender women )
The unlikely link between TV show Supernatural and Georgia going Blue
(tags:USA politics TV funny )
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders voted in record numbers
(tags:race voting usa )

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Tags: abuse, bbc, books, children, consoles, doom, fish, funny, gender, genetics, law, links, map, pandemic, playstation, politics, prehistory, puzzle, race, review, scotland, tv, uk, usa, virus, voting, women

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