Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 30-10-2020

What does the Labour anti-Semitism report say?
(tags:UK labour Jews )
How could this possibly have happened to Jeremy Corbyn, the least racist person ever?
(tags:racism politics uk labour Jews )
Why does a political battle loom over the UK's housing planning rules?
(tags:housing UK politics )
Labour antisemitism report: The key findings from EHRC
(tags:labour Jews UK )
Men Who Sleep Less Are Seen As More Masculine: A Stereotype With Potentially Damaging Consequences
(tags:sleep stereotypes society OhForFucksSake )
Dogs were domesticated once from a lost population of wolves
(tags:dogs genetics prehistory )
BBC staff told they could be suspended if they attend LGBT pride events under new rules
(tags:LGBT UK BBC OhForFucksSake )
We must never blame the victims (on two recent sets of murders in France)
(tags:censorship religion France blasphemy Islam )
Up to 23 Million Americans Plan to Relocate Amid Rising Remote Work Trends
(tags:work housing cities USA viaDanielDWilliam )
Born Wet, Human Babies Are 75 Percent Water. Old People Are 50 Percent. Between Comes The Drying
(tags:water age )
Keir Starmer says Corbyn is not antisemitic
(tags:labour Jews )
Why Younger Americans Don't Vote More Often (*No, It's Not Apathy)
(tags:voting USA youth demographics )

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