Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 27-10-2020

Covid R rate increase linked to reopening schools
(tags:schools pandemic )
A quick summary of where the Oxford vaccine stands
(tags:Oxford vaccine pandemic hope )
Escaped cloned female mutant crayfish take over Belgian cemetery - NZ Herald
(tags:genetics animals belgium headline viaPatrickHadfield )
Scottish Government officially calls for no guising on Halloween
(tags:Halloween Scotland pandemic )
QAnon supporters don't necessary believe
(tags:conspiracy polls belief )
COVID19 Vaccine Tracker
(tags:vaccine pandemic viaDanielDWilliam )
Trump! Betrays! Santa!
(tags:Christmas USA politics vaccine pandemic wtf )
UK Mobile networks banned from selling locked phones
(tags:UK phones regulation )
No Implants Needed for Precise Control Deep into the Brain
(tags:brain technology light )
My Dad, the Pornographer (interesting bits about the historical publishing business, amongst other things)
(tags:porn writing publishing history )
I'm fairly sure this food is banned by the Geneva convention
(tags:food wtf )
Why Transport for London's finances are far from healthy
(tags:transport tube London money )

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