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Interesting Links for 26-10-2020

"Providence Was Really Exhausting. Finishing It Felt Like Finishing College": An Interview With Jacen Burrows
(tags:comics alanmoore GarthEnnis WarrenEllis art interview )
Bayesian epistemology cannot be done by humans. Do not trust any human who talks like it can.
(tags:statistics fail )
Government reduces minimum salary for migrants to settle in UK (by 30%)
(tags:immigration UK GoodNews )
Boots to offer 12-minute Covid nasal swab test (only if you don't have symptoms, costs £120)
(tags:pandemic virus testing )
'Culture wars' are fought by tiny minority (in the UK)
(tags:society UK politics )
Religions create highly differentiated belief clusters and mentalities that have little to do with their theologies, 2) Heresies are separatist movements, often ethnic, and have little to do with religious doctrine
(tags:religion society )
Logic gate pumpkins
(tags:Halloween logic funny visualisation )

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