Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 21-10-2020

Bletchley Park's contribution to WW2 'over-rated'. (but apparently it was key to the Falkland's War)
(tags:history cryptography wwii falklands )
"I walked the perimeter of Britain" - in pictures
(tags:UK photos )
Covid: Are hospitals in Scotland close to capacity?
(tags:Scotland healthcare pandemic NHS )
Vietnam has only had 35 deaths from Covid. Here's how they did that
(tags:pandemic Vietnam epicwin )
A circuit-break will save thousands of lives
(tags:pandemic UK )
After Cheating On A Test, People Claim To Have Known The Answers Anyway
(tags:cheating psychology )
1.5 million children work in the chocolate industry, despite its claims to be against child labour
(tags:chocolate work children OhForFucksSake )
I wouldn't buy any hardware from Google that isn't a phone.
(tags:Google hardware support Doom )
Coronavirus: WHO urges UK to move to local contact tracing system
(tags:Pandemic testing UK )
New organ in throat accidentally discovered by scientists researching prostate cancer
(tags:Cancer organs viaPatrickHadfield )

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Tags: cancer, cheating, children, chocolate, cryptography, doom, epicwin, falklands, google, hardware, healthcare, history, links, nhs, ohforfuckssake, organs, pandemic, photos, psychology, scotland, support, testing, uk, viapatrickhadfield, vietnam, work, wwii

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