Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 18-10-2020

UK Drivers to be banned from picking up mobile phones
(tags:phones driving UK safety )
Why Are Some Bilingual People Dyslexic in English but Not Their Other Language?
(tags:languages dyslexia )
Who are governments currently borrowing from? And what will happen to it?
(tags:economics pandemic )
The real, true, absolutely certain story of how Neil Gaiman invented death
(tags:death neilgaiman )
When fighting Nazis be the bus driver, not the janitor
(tags:protests Nazis history )
Adorable thread of corgis crossed with other dogs
(tags:dogs cute )
Pets! With! Children!
(tags:cute dogs )
Moody's downgrades the UK's credit rating because our democracy is shit
(tags:UK economy government )
If we want to contain the pandemic then we need to actually enforce isolation. Trusting people's common sense is asking for disaster
(tags:pandemic law police surveillance )

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Tags: cute, death, dogs, driving, dyslexia, economics, economy, government, history, languages, law, links, nazis, neilgaiman, pandemic, phones, police, protests, safety, surveillance, uk

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