Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 15-10-2020

Is wind power's future in deep water?
(tags:windpower Ocean )
Amazon to escape UK digital services tax that will hit smaller traders
(tags:Amazon tax wtf UK )
Why women's gymnastics is legal child abuse
(tags:abuse sports girls )
Dissolving The Fermi Paradox
(tags:aliens statistics )
How game genres are born and how that can stifle innovation
(tags:games genre design history video )
High pressure superconductors reach room temperature
(tags:physics temperature pressure )
White House informally endorses letting pandemic spread unchecked
(tags:pandemic USA Doom OhForFucksSake )
Why are more Scots supporting independence?
(tags:independence polls demographics Scotland )
China insists Genghis Khan exhibit not use words 'Genghis Khan'
(tags:china censorship history )
Rosie Duffield: Second staffer quits over Labour MP's transphobic views
(tags:LGBT labour transgender bigotry )
Plan to let people get cashback from shops without buying anything
(tags:cash UK )
When a group of libertarians set about scrapping their local government, chaos descended. And then the bears moved in.
(tags:Bears government USA libertarianism )
The world's first known babies were from Orkney
(tags:fish archeology Scotland )
What would be required for the UK (or Scotland) to rejoin the EU
(tags:Europe Scotland uk )

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Tags: abuse, aliens, amazon, archeology, bears, bigotry, cash, censorship, china, demographics, design, doom, europe, fish, games, genre, girls, government, history, independence, labour, lgbt, libertarianism, links, ocean, ohforfuckssake, pandemic, physics, polls, pressure, scotland, sports, statistics, tax, temperature, transgender, uk, usa, video, windpower, wtf

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