Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
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Interesting Links for 12-10-2020

Labour Party in "can continue to fuck off" shock
(tags:LGBT transgender labour OhForFucksSake )
Building the Mathematical Library of the Future
(tags:mathematics computers )
Animation of Coronavirus spread in the UK - 1st Feb to 9th Oct
(tags:animation visualisation pandemic uk )
Contact-tracing data collected in pubs sold on
(tags:dataprotection OhForFucksSake pandemic )
Sexuality, Disability and the Journey to Inner Freedom
(tags:sexuality disability sex beauty society )
Covid virus survives for 28 days in lab conditions
(tags:pandemic virus Doom )
We Have Misjudged Margaret Ferrier (important stuff)
(tags:horror pandemic satire politics uk scotland )
25-Year Study of Nuclear vs Renewables Says One Is Clearly Better at Cutting Emissions
(tags:nuclearpower renewables environment co2 pollution )
If the UK makes a food deal with the USA here's what that means for contamination
(tags:food USA standards UK Doom )
If the UK was actually serious about Covid testing this is what it would be doing
Clarifying detail:
(tags:Pandemic China testing )

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Tags: animation, beauty, china, co2, computers, dataprotection, disability, doom, environment, food, horror, labour, lgbt, links, mathematics, nuclearpower, ohforfuckssake, pandemic, politics, pollution, renewables, satire, scotland, sex, sexuality, society, standards, testing, transgender, uk, usa, virus, visualisation

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