Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 09-10-2020

Bruges fishermen can continue fishing in British waters after Brexit thanks to 1666 Charter
(tags:fish UK Europe Belgium history )
How quick and dirty Covid tests could end the weariness
(tags:Pandemic testing )
Phone Calls Help Create Closer Bonds Than Texting
(tags:communication phones psychology )
FactCheck: we shouldn't rely on official cases per capita to compare local outbreaks 
(tags:pandemic statistics UK )
Waymo finally launches an actual public, driverless taxi service
(tags:USA cars automation technology )
"My 5 year old kid is obsessed with Kraftwerk. Help."
(tags:music children funny viaCipherGoth )
Graham Linehan says he won't work with Channel 4 again unless transphobic IT Crowd episode is reinstated
(tags:transgender bigotry TV LGBT GoodNews )

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Tags: automation, belgium, bigotry, cars, children, communication, europe, fish, funny, goodnews, history, lgbt, links, music, pandemic, phones, psychology, statistics, technology, testing, transgender, tv, uk, usa, viaciphergoth

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