Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 07-10-2020

Look at all the majestic flap-flaps!
(tags:video Ocean nature )
Security flaw left 'smart' chastity sex toy users at risk of permanent lock-in
(tags:technology sextoys security fail )
Want to live longer? Make more female friends (and be a baboon)
(tags:monkeys friendship LifeExpectancy )
Why Degrowth Is a Terrible Idea
(tags:growth environment technology economics )
UK media continues its sustained attack on services supporting trans people
(tags:LGBT transgender media UK )
FactCheck Q&A: Boris Johnson's offshore wind plans
(tags:windpower UK )
The tropes are hungry and the hero is in the wrong story
(tags:Shakespeare writing tragedy )
Businessman to hand over £10m following 'unexplained wealth order'
(tags:money crime uk )
Projecting "peak water" and "peak grain" for the US High Plains
(tags:USA water wheat food thefuture )
Their Other Last Hurrah - Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's Cinema Purgatorio
(tags:comics alanmoore )
Star! Wars! Dance! Offs!
(tags:StarWars dancing )
Greece's Golden Dawn: Neo-Nazi leaders guilty of running crime gang
(tags:nazis Greece GoodNews crime )

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Tags: alanmoore, comics, crime, dancing, economics, environment, fail, food, friendship, goodnews, greece, growth, lgbt, lifeexpectancy, links, media, money, monkeys, nature, nazis, ocean, security, sextoys, shakespeare, starwars, technology, thefuture, tragedy, transgender, uk, usa, video, water, wheat, windpower, writing

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