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Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 02-10-2020

Sandwiches in Subway too sugary to meet legal definition of being bread (in Ireland)
(tags:bread sugar Ireland tax viaSwampers )
New British standard for biodegradable plastic introduced
(tags:plastic biodegradable standards uk )
Here Are All The Outlandish Ideas The Government Is Reported To Be Considering To Tackle Migrant Channel Crossings
(tags:asylum OhForFucksSake uk )
How British broadband services have changed over the last decade
(tags:broadband uk )
British Virgin Islands commits to public register of beneficial owners
(tags:business money tax GoodNews )
Edinburgh! Cancels! Christmas!
(tags:Christmas edinburgh pandemic )
Coronavirus: Restrictions for England to be standardised into three tiers
(tags:pandemic England UK )
1,521 Members of the UK and Irish Publishing Community Sign a Letter Supporting Trans Rights
(tags:LGBT transgender publishing UK Ireland )
Feeding C-section newborns mother's faeces may help to strengthen immune system
(tags:microbiome babies caesarians faeces )
Thousands of UK firms may need to set up an EU office - And vice versa
(tags:trade UK Europe Doom )
Drinking coffee before breakfast impairs metabolism
(tags:sugar coffee metabolism )

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Tags: asylum, babies, biodegradable, bread, broadband, business, caesarians, christmas, coffee, doom, edinburgh, england, europe, faeces, goodnews, ireland, lgbt, links, metabolism, microbiome, money, ohforfuckssake, pandemic, plastic, publishing, standards, sugar, tax, trade, transgender, uk, viaswampers

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