Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 25-09-2020

J.K. Rowling plugs disgusting anti-trans online store to her 14 million Twitter followers
(tags:jkrowling transgender LGBT OhForFucksSake bigotry )
The borders of Kent are more complex than you'd think.
(tags:trade borders )
18% of people with COVID symptoms adhere to self-isolation, and only 11% adhere to quarantine if contacted by test and trace
(tags:pandemic doom )
Why the Supreme Court Should Have 27 Justices, Not 9
(tags:law USA viaNancyLebov )
End the Poisonous Process of Picking Supreme Court Justices
(tags:viaNancyLebov law USA )
Tempestry Project - tapestries that show how temperature changes over time
(tags:craft temperature globalwarming history visualisation )
Here's what happens when all the pubs empty at the same time, because of the curfew
(tags:alcohol pandemic London UK video )
What The French Get So Right About Taking Care Of New Mother's
(tags:vagina exercise France childbirth healthcare )
Preventing spread of coronavirus in Scottish universities (frankly they should just mandate remote learning, this is unworkable and unpleasant)
(tags:university Scotland pandemic )
PEN15's Gay Teen Storyline Is Shockingly Authentic
(tags:writing TV lgbt )
Covid-hit university students: 'Why have they sent us here?'
(tags:university OhForFucksSake pandemic )

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