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Interesting Links for 23-09-2020

How legendary weekly British comic, 2000 AD, survived Covid-19 and thrived
(tags:comics business pandemic uk )
How to choose the ideal form of government
(tags:government comic funny names )
Insurance firms will be forced to give renewing customers the same price as new ones (banning introductory offers)
(tags:insurance regulation uk )
Coronavirus in the UK: Boots suspends new flu jab bookings due to unprecedented demand
(tags:flu disease pandemic UK )
China sharply expands mass labour program in Tibet
(tags:China Tibet )
The Tech Behind the Mind-Reading Pangolin Dress Could Lead to Wireless—and Batteryless—Exoskeleton Control
(tags:technology brain cyborg clothing )
Covid in Scotland: Indoor household visits now banned
(tags:Scotland pandemic )
Covid-19: Scottish surge in cycling continues (43% up on last year)
(tags:Scotland cycling bicycles )
Ranked-choice voting will be used in Maine's presidential election
(tags:voting USA )
Older people have become younger: physical and cognitive function have improved meaningfully in 30 years
(tags:age health )
Serco Have Subcontracted Contact Tracing Jobs To The Company Embroiled In The Tax Credits Scandal And Debt Collection Companies
(tags:UK pandemic outsourcing )
Loose Ends: A Literary Supercut of Sci-Fi Last Sentences
(tags:scifi writing remix )
"Every Streaming Service" - a funny look at the various services looking for your money
(tags:streaming video funny viaSwampers )
In case you were wondering how long it takes trucks to get in to the EU from outside...
(tags:trade Europe Russia Doom )

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