Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 21-09-2020

Studio Ghibli releases a ton of high resolution stills from their movies
(tags:ghibli movies art )
The road from Barnard Castle - government and the problem of illegality
(tags:UK law pandemic )
Trafalgar Square protests end with 32 arrests as hundreds of anti-vaxxers and lockdown critics clash with police
(tags:vaccination protest pandemic UK police )
Just how problematic is JK Rowling's new 'cross-dressing serial killer book'?
(tags:jkrowling transgender LGBT )
Mortality Rates From COVID-19 Are Lower In Unionized Nursing Homes ( 30% relative decrease)
(tags:unions pandemic newyork usa )
Leaked documents involving about $2tn of transactions have revealed how some of the world's biggest banks have allowed criminals to move dirty money around the world. (London is a major hub)
(tags:crime finance uk USA money )
The "WandaVision" trailer looks glorious
(tags:TV marvel )
The mystery of Boris Johnson's "trip to Perugia"
(tags:wtf BorisJohnson Italy Russia )
UK scraps rail franchise system
(tags:UK transport trains pandemic )

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Tags: art, borisjohnson, crime, finance, ghibli, italy, jkrowling, law, lgbt, links, marvel, money, movies, newyork, pandemic, police, protest, russia, trains, transgender, transport, tv, uk, unions, usa, vaccination, wtf

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