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Interesting Links for 18-09-2020

Scotland's Covid tracing app reaches million download milestone
(tags:Scotland pandemic apps )
Statistics, lies and the virus: five lessons from a pandemic
(tags:statistics pandemic )
Coronavirus in Scotland: 11 cases linked to Edinburgh student flats
(tags:Edinburgh students pandemic )
Writing About Brexit: Tory MPs Vilify Their Own Withdrawal Agreement
(tags:UK Europe politics conservatives OhForFucksSake )
Coronavirus: Woman faces ten years in German prison after going on bar crawl while waiting for test results
(tags:Germany pandemic OhForFucksSake )
Demand for coronavirus testing outstripping capacity 'three to four times', Dido Harding admits
(tags:pandemic testing Doom )
Private Firms Handed Almost £200m To Run the UK's Test And Trace Will Not Face Financial Penalties If They Fail To Perform
(tags:UK testing fail privatisation )
German Hospital Hacked, Patient Taken to Another City Dies
(tags:computers hacking hospital healthcare )
TUC: UK's Trades Union Congress condemns anti-trans group LGB Alliance
(tags:transgender unions GoodNews UK LGBT )
North Carolina Is Already Rejecting Black Voters' Mail-In Ballots Five Times More Often Than White Voters'
(tags:voting racism USA )
Non-Binary People Protected By U.K. Equality Act, Says Landmark Ruling Against Jaguar Land Rover
(tags:UK rights law gender LGBT GoodNews )
Local authority calls on care home providers to accept covid-positive hospital patients
(tags:pandemic OhForFucksSake UK England age )
Second national lockdown proposed by UK scientific advisers (second half of October)
(tags:pandemic uk )
Surfaces vs Airborne: What We Know Now About Covid-19 Transmission
(tags:pandemic virus )

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