Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 14-09-2020

Walking to the Meadows today and Jane pointed out the German-speaking church we were passing. I had no idea such things existed!
(tags:germany German religion Scotland )
Violating international law, a fairy tale
(tags:fairytale law UK Doom )
Deferral: the sociology of young trans people's epiphanies and coming out
(tags:LGBT transgender sociology )
Adults with Covid-19 about twice as likely to have dined at a restaurant
(tags:restaurant pandemic OhForFucksSake viaLilysea )
Fake science led a mom to feed bleach to her autistic sons — and police did nothing to stop her
(tags:autism children fraud medicine OhForFucksSake USA )
Brilliant ten minute deep dive into what the government is up to with regards to the Withdrawal Agreement
(tags:UK Europe law video )
How to tell hard sciences from soft ones
(tags:science comic funny )
What OCD is really like
(tags:mentalhealth )
Japan trade deal commits UK to stricter state aid curbs than in EU talks
(tags:Japan Europe UK trade )
Poll warning: Government 'in deep trouble with voters' over plan to break law on Brexit Withdrawal Agreement
(tags:UK Europe crime polls )

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Tags: autism, children, comic, crime, doom, europe, fairytale, fraud, funny, german, germany, japan, law, lgbt, links, medicine, mentalhealth, ohforfuckssake, pandemic, polls, religion, restaurant, science, scotland, sociology, trade, transgender, uk, usa, vialilysea, video

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