Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 07-09-2020

Son sells 28 years of birthday whisky to buy first home
(tags:alcohol Scotland housing )
Bank security update leaves people guessing what their name is
(tags:names security banking OhForFucksSake )
Steve Ditko Designed Spider-Man to be Orange and Purple
(tags:comics design history )
Coronavirus: Scotland records highest daily Covid tally since May (mostly in Glasgow, I hope they can get it under control)
(tags:pandemic Scotland )
UK planning to renege on the Withdrawal Agreement
(tags:UK Europe NorthernIreland OhForFucksSake doom )
Sudan Ends 30 Years of Islamic Law by Separating Religion, State
(tags:Sudan Islam law religion democracy )
The New Neuroscience of Stuttering
(tags:speech genetics brain neuroscience )
The economics of the Tour de France
(tags:France cycling economics money )
Psychedelic Fishes from the World's First Encyclopedia of Marine Creatures
(tags:encyclopedia fish history )
Scientists Discover Exposed Bacteria Can Survive in Space for Years
(tags:bacteria space )

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Tags: alcohol, bacteria, banking, brain, comics, cycling, democracy, design, doom, economics, encyclopedia, europe, fish, france, genetics, history, housing, islam, law, links, money, names, neuroscience, northernireland, ohforfuckssake, pandemic, religion, scotland, security, space, speech, sudan, uk

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