Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 06-09-2020

What are the Chinese government hiding in their maps?
(tags:China maps )
A Doomed Search for a Bedside Wireless Phone Charger
(tags:technology fail electricity design )
Black Panther titles are free right now on Comixology
(tags:comics race )
A satellite photo of California on fire
(tags:California photo fire )
How computer games do Maori tattoos wrong
(tags:cultural_appropriation Maori tattoos games design )
Introducing children to the prisoner's dilemma
(tags:philosophy children funny )
How the right wing press manufactured the BBC's "war on left wing comedy"
(tags:media comedy bbc OhForFucksSake politics )

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Tags: bbc, california, children, china, comedy, comics, cultural_appropriation, design, electricity, fail, fire, funny, games, links, maori, maps, media, ohforfuckssake, philosophy, photo, politics, race, tattoos, technology

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