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Interesting Links for 31-08-2020

Diary: In Ashgabat (bribery and corruption in Turkmenistan)
(tags:corruption oil business turkmenistan )
A set of ADHD coping tools
(tags:technology adhd advice )
Evangelicals are looking for answers online. They're finding QAnon instead.
(tags:religion conspiracy politics usa )
Revealed: How, on every measure, Britain's response to the Covid pandemic has been woeful
(tags:UK pandemic doom ViaDrCross epicfail )
How technologically advanced are Britain's ports?
(tags:UK trade technology Doom )
How the world has changed since the 1970s
It baffles me that anyone thinks things haven't progressed. Good to get a list!
(tags:society time science technology viaDanielDWilliam )
The Legend of GayBlade (an early example of LGBT computer games, long thought lost)
(tags:LGBT games history computers )
Independent local shops enjoy business boost due to commuting drop.
(tags:business pandemic )
Now this is an obituary
(tags:obituary )

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Tags: adhd, advice, business, computers, conspiracy, corruption, doom, epicfail, games, history, lgbt, links, obituary, oil, pandemic, politics, religion, science, society, technology, time, trade, turkmenistan, uk, usa, viadanieldwilliam, viadrcross

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