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Interesting Links for 29-08-2020

How to Piss Off Advertisers With Your iOS 14 Settings (I just did similarly on my Android phone)
(tags:advertising iPhone Apple privacy viaSwampers )
Bro, This Is Not The 'Beowulf' You Think You Know
(tags:writing English translation history language review )
JK Rowling returns human rights award to group that denounces her transphobic views
(tags:LGBT transgender jkrowling )
Children are not the primary drivers of Covid-19 transmission to adults in schoolz
(tags:children school pandemic )
Chadwick Boseman: Black Panther star dies of cancer aged 43
(tags:Cancer OhForFucksSake marvel movies )
Since the invention of categories people argued over which one jellyfish fit in to.
This then led me on to read about Ctenophora - which are still being argued about!
(tags:history animals ontology )
How Bella Thorne messed up Only Fans and caused a disaster for sex workers
(tags:sexwork payment OhForFucksSake )
Finally, a position I can vote for
(tags:politics media uk )

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Tags: advertising, animals, apple, cancer, children, english, history, iphone, jkrowling, language, lgbt, links, marvel, media, movies, ohforfuckssake, ontology, pandemic, payment, politics, privacy, review, school, sexwork, transgender, translation, uk, viaswampers, writing

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