Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 14-08-2020

In the 1850s people thought there were 23 planets in the solar system
(tags:solarsystem space history )
Anger at 193 week waiting list for trans patients to see a doctor on NHS (target is 18 weeks)
(tags:LGBT healthcare UK )
Storm leaves 30m hole in Union Canal, knocking out the Edinburgh-Glasgow rail line.
(tags:trains canal Scotland )
Germany: 120,000 hectares stripped bare by field mice
(tags:mice food farming Germany Doom )
Israel and UAE reach historic peace deal
(tags:Israel middle_east GoodNews )
Nearly 300 workers test positive at M&S sandwich supplier in Northampton
(tags:pandemic food )
Why 'Lovecraft Country' book, HBO series are named for a racist
(tags:racism history hplovecraft tv )
Hands up who wants to zip line in to the mouth of Godzilla?
(tags:Godzilla awesome )
Young children would rather explore than get rewards
(tags:psychology children reward )
The Mesmerizing Geometry of Malaysia's Most Complex Cakes
(tags:Malaysia cake pretty )
It's Time to Demystify the Serial Killer.
(tags:murder )
Transparent TVs are pretty darned impressive
(tags:Technology television impressive video )
"Discourses of Delay" - the 12 arguments that global warming deniers have moved to.
(tags:globalwarming argument discussion )
Ongoing EU-China deal casts a long shadow over Brexit talks
(tags:europe china uk trade )

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Tags: argument, awesome, cake, canal, children, china, discussion, doom, europe, farming, food, germany, globalwarming, godzilla, goodnews, healthcare, history, hplovecraft, impressive, israel, lgbt, links, malaysia, mice, middle_east, murder, pandemic, pretty, psychology, racism, reward, scotland, solarsystem, space, technology, television, trade, trains, tv, uk, video

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