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Interesting Links for 13-08-2020

Why is Britain's GDP down more than other major nations?
(tags:UK pandemic gdp )
Periods, the pill and the effect on female athletes
(tags:women menstruation sports )
National Grid fires up coal power station for first time in 55 days
(tags:coal electricity UK )
Coronavirus: England death count review reduces UK toll by 5,000 (matching method used by rest of UK)
(tags:UK pandemic statistics )
Debunking The Lies, Smears, and Distortions about Kamala Harris
(tags:politics usa )
23 Of The Most Beautiful Terry Pratchett Quotes To Remember Him By
(tags:terrypratchett quotes )
'Avatar: The Last Airbender' creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko have exited the live-action Netflix series
(tags:avatar animation TV OhForFucksSake )
Researchers find a chemical that makes locusts swarm
(tags:insects behaviour pheromones )
Coronavirus in Scotland: Positive cases spreading 'rapidly' in Orkney
(tags:scotland pandemic )
No silver lining for first-time home buyers even if prices collapse
"in the 1990s, a typical young couple putting away 5% of their income each year could save enough for a deposit in just four years. By 2019, that figure had risen to 21 years"
(tags:housing OhForFucksSake uk )
UK police use of secretive facial recognition software stopped by the courts
(tags:law police faces )
"My Landlord is Evicting Us Over My Wife's Quarantine Courgette Harvest"
(tags:rental OhForFucksSake pandemic vegetables )
This owl is not impressed
(tags:owls )
When children's stores reopen, let's leave boys' and girls' sections behind
(tags:children gender toys shops shopping )

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