Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 10-08-2020

"Love in the Time of Corona". (too soon?)
(tags:pandemic TV relationships )
What kind of haircuts did Vikings have?
(tags:viking hair history )
Switzerland fights heroin with heroin
(tags:heroin drugs addiction Switzerland )
How colour-changing cats might warn future humans of radioactive waste
(tags:nuclearpower cats colour )
Australia will send power from the world's largest solar farm to Singapore and Indonesia via a 3,700 kilometer (2,300 mile) undersea cable
(tags:electricity solarpower Australia Singapore )
Face mask study: Researchers determined which masks are the least and most effective
(tags:pandemic materials )
Shelf life of 21 days or more could save red meat waste
(tags:food meat )
The world is very definitely stranger than I can imagine: Punishment Clown Edition
(tags:wtf children viaPatrickHadfield )
Metal detector user uncovers Scottish Bronze Age artefacts less than 2ft underground
(tags:archeology Scotland )
AmITheAsshole - Asshole percentage by age and sex
(tags:visualisation behaviour gender age )
"Us against the world" - I worry about this kind of thing regularly now I'm a parent. I hope I can rise to the occasion as well as this.
(tags:children parenting comic )
Tory Brexiters turn against the deal they helped secure
(tags:UK Europe conservatives OhForFucksSake )

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