Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 07-08-2020

Pulse oximeters give biased results for people with darker skin
(tags:racism technology medicine )
Scientists rename human genes to stop Microsoft Excel from misreading them as dates
(tags:genetics date OhForFucksSake )
Germany plans to dim lights at night to save insects
(tags:Germany insects light )
The Cummings effect: How England's trust in the government plummeted
(tags:pandemic trust uk government )
The Dark Triad traits predict authoritarian political correctness and alt-right attitudes
(tags:psychology politics )
Taking apart the three major planks of the transphobic movement
(tags:LGBT transgender )

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Tags: date, genetics, germany, government, insects, lgbt, light, links, medicine, ohforfuckssake, pandemic, politics, psychology, racism, technology, transgender, trust, uk

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