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Interesting Links for 05-08-2020

The mysterious case of man who can read letters—but not numbers
(tags:viaDrPlokta numbers vision brain )
What if Plesiosaurs were giant penguins?
(tags:dinosaurs birds penguins )
Teacher Trainees Are More Likely To Misread Black Children As Angry Than White Children
(tags:racism psychology emotion children teachers )
Balrogs cannot fly
(tags:lotr flying )
400 million additional customs checks a year and fines for entering Kent without the proper documentation - the future of British trade with Europe
(tags:UK Europe trade Doom )
Mini cyclones are very cool
(tags:weather video viaCipherGoth )
Mysterious spiral structures found extending out of strange star
(tags:space weird )
Harry Potter - But all the wands are guns
(tags:harrypotter guns funny video trailer )
Parents share the times their children were creepy
(tags:children scary Twitter )
The Matrix Was Intended to Be a Trans Story, Says Lilly Wachowski
(tags:transgender TheMatrix movies )
Coronavirus: 'Inexplicable' failure to quarantine travellers to the UK made pandemic far worse
(tags:OhForFucksSake UK pandemic )
Scotland's results day: Thousands of pupils have exam grades lowered
(tags:exams scotland pandemic )
Edinburgh Waverley redevelopment: city centre set for incredible and dramatic transformation
(tags:edinburgh )

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Tags: birds, brain, children, dinosaurs, doom, edinburgh, emotion, europe, exams, flying, funny, guns, harrypotter, links, lotr, movies, numbers, ohforfuckssake, pandemic, penguins, psychology, racism, scary, scotland, space, teachers, thematrix, trade, trailer, transgender, twitter, uk, viaciphergoth, viadrplokta, video, vision, weather, weird

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