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Interesting Links for 04-08-2020

Is Belief in God Necessary for Good Values? Global Survey on Religion and Morality
(tags:polls religion society )
Bacteria in the gut have a direct line to the brain
(tags:microbiome brain )
Amazon given go ahead to launch thousands of satellites to boost internet access worldwide
(tags:space amazon internet )
Google Pixel 4A Review: Nearly Perfect and Only $350 (if I hadn't just bought a new phone this is the one I'd be getting)
(tags:phones review )
I am beginning to think that pubs might need to be closed for the duration of the pandemic
(tags:alcohol pandemic )
Former police chief convicted over child abuse video granted court of appeal hearing
This seems like a very odd thing to have convicted her of in the first case, as far as I can see
(tags:paedophilia video police law wtf UK )
Government says medicines must be stockpiled for no-deal Brexit on top of Covid-19 pressures
(tags:UK medicine pandemic Europe Doom )
UK virologists criticise handling of Covid testing contracts
(tags:UK pandemic incompetence )
UK chemical industry warns of £1bn cost to duplicate EU regime
(tags:UK Europe chemistry Doom )
Physical attractiveness bias in the legal system
(tags:beauty attraction law psychology bias )
"Why I'm now leaving MSNBC"
(tags:journalism USA media viaCipherGoth )
Coca-Cola paid scientists to downplay how sugary beverages fueled the obesity crisis
(tags:cocacola sugar corruption )
In A Twist On Loyalty Programs, Emirates Is Promising Travelers A Free Funeral If Infected With Covid
(tags:pandemic airplanes insurance death ViaDrCross )

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