Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 24-07-2020

Why the UK shouldn't want a trade deal with the USA
(tags:trade usa uk canada )
Swiss police automated crime predictions but has little to show for it (terrible false positive and false negatives rates)
(tags:crime predictions Switzerland technology )
How I Get It All Done: I Simply Don't
(tags:women life achievement satire ViaDrCross )
Report: ARM is for sale and Nvidia's interested, Apple isn't
(tags:technology cpu processor business )
UK and US say Russia fired a satellite weapon in space
(tags:space military Russia )
The First Man to Reach the North Pole was an African American Desk Clerk
(tags:Arctic exploration history race )
Male circumcision leads to a significantly worse sex life
(tags:sex circumcision men )
Why is CSS the way it is?
(tags:CSS web history )
Politics are a matter of life and death. No wonder more Scots want to leave the UK
(tags:Scotland pandemic UK independence )
Star Trek: Lower Decks looks like fun
(tags:StarTrek animation funny video trailer )
The trailer for "The Great" (A Catherine The Great comedy) made me giggle several times
(tags:history comedy russia video trailer )
The Space Force has a horse, of course
(tags:space USA military horse )

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