Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 23-07-2020

Coronavirus: Scottish deaths fall to lowest level of pandemic
(tags:Scotland pandemic GoodNews death )
How to Stay Productive When the World Is on Fire
(tags:advice pandemic Doom work )
We're not getting a deal with the EU *or the USA*
(tags:uk usa europe trade doom )
Humans reached the Americas 11,000 years earlier than previously thought
(tags:USA prehistory archaeology )
One in 10 born in 80s to inherit more than half average lifetime earnings
(tags:UK inequality wealth )
Lego Helicopter Kit Cancelled 10 Days Before Release
(tags:Lego military )
Why slicing a tomato is a fluid dynamics problem
(tags:physics vegetables )
1 Second Painting - Generate abstract paintings in 1 click
(tags:art AI )
Which singers have the widest range?
(tags:music viaSwampers )

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Tags: advice, ai, archaeology, art, death, doom, europe, goodnews, inequality, lego, links, military, music, pandemic, physics, prehistory, scotland, trade, uk, usa, vegetables, viaswampers, wealth, work

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