Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 22-07-2020

'I was found as a baby wrapped in my mum's coat - but who am I?' (amazing use of DNA scanning)
(tags:genetics family history )
Religious People Have More Negative Attitudes Towards Science - But Only In The USA
(tags:usa religion science psychology )
The female price of male pleasure
(tags:sex pain pleasure gender patriarchy )
Woman takes selfie as wild bear sniffs her hair
To be honest, it looks like she did very-nearly exactly the right thing, and held very still until the large wild animal went away.
(tags:bears selfies )
Scientists! Prove! Bisexual! Men! Exist!
(tags:bisexual LGBT research sexuality )
UK close to abandoning post-Brexit trade deal with EU due to deadlock on key issues
(tags:Europe UK Doom )
Playing video games doesn't lead to violent behaviour
(tags:psychology games violence )
Labour apologises 'unreservedly' to whistleblowers and Panorama reporter for attack on anti-semitism investigation
(tags:Jews labour )

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Tags: bears, bisexual, doom, europe, family, games, gender, genetics, history, jews, labour, lgbt, links, pain, patriarchy, pleasure, psychology, religion, research, science, selfies, sex, sexuality, uk, usa, violence

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