Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 16-07-2020

A Silk Road Renaissance: Excavations in Tajikistan have unveiled a city of merchant princes that flourished from the fifth to the eighth century A.D.
(tags:trade history silk roads )
Raising taxes would endanger economic recovery, Labour tells government
(tags:UK labour tax wtf )
49% of people in England back ending Union (including a majority of Labour and Conservative voters)
(tags:England independence polls )
Have you ever wished you could review the moon?
(tags:moon reviews funny )
Tory MP Julian Lewis loses Conservative whip after beating Chris Grayling to chair intelligence committee
(tags:politics military intelligence conservatives uk )
Scientists achieve first complete assembly of human X chromosome
(tags:genetics )
Pretty good review of the audio version of Sandman
(tags:audio Sandman neilgaiman )
Creating user interfaces automatically using artificial intelligence
(tags:ai UI impressive )

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Tags: ai, audio, conservatives, england, funny, genetics, history, impressive, independence, intelligence, labour, links, military, moon, neilgaiman, politics, polls, reviews, roads, sandman, silk, tax, trade, ui, uk, wtf

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