Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
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Interesting Links for 20-06-2020

On Finding Out Your Heroes are Monsters (How Warren Ellis is a symptom of a toxic culture)
(tags:WarrenEllis society comics abuse )
LGBT+ groups from all major parties unite to condemn Boris Johnson's plans to scrap trans self-identification
(tags:LGBT GoodNews politics UK transgender )
"We both rolled over in bed. Me: 'I'm gay.' Her: 'I'm transgender.' Silence. Now what?"
(tags:relationships LGBT lesbian transgender family )
We assume that low-income families also have lower needs
(tags:psychology poverty need viaSwampers )
What do 20 years of polling NI on Irish reunification look like?
(tags:polls Ireland NorthernIreland )
Katie Hopkins Permanently Banned From Twitter, Social Media Firm Confirms
(tags:GoodNews Twitter viaSwampers )
Why would you make a children's alphabet song that sounds this creepy??
(tags:music children video wtf language scary )
Universal Recognition of Three Basic Emotions in Music
(tags:music emotion psychology )
Black People in the US Were Enslaved Well into the 1960s
(tags:slavery USA history )
This is why it matters what JK Rowling says about trans people (Republicans using her to shut down debate)
(tags:republicans USA transgender LGBT jkrowling )
Domesticating dogs led to them developing eye muscles to affect our feelings
(tags:emotions dogs evolution eyes viaSwampers )
The Covid-19 track and trace app has not been automatically downloaded onto people's phones
(tags:pandemic Apple Google phones apps )

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Tags: abuse, apple, apps, children, comics, dogs, emotion, emotions, evolution, eyes, family, goodnews, google, history, ireland, jkrowling, language, lesbian, lgbt, links, music, need, northernireland, pandemic, phones, politics, polls, poverty, psychology, relationships, republicans, scary, slavery, society, transgender, twitter, uk, usa, viaswampers, video, warrenellis, wtf

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